Get the best Wellness Retreats in Sri Lanka with Ayurva Traveller


Want a relaxing Wellness Holiday to Sri Lanka? You can easily make your tour a relaxing one with the help of different online travel agencies. One such agency is Ayurva Traveller.

In Sri Lanka, you can experience a luxurious holiday with all the detox retreat and yoga retreat resorts. This is the perfect place you can pamper you with the luxury spas and rejuvenate yourself with the freshness of the place.

  Detox Retreat

Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka there are many resorts which will help you purifying yourself and keeping your mind fresh and at peace. You will get a guided yoga section in amazing destinations which will leave you awestruck. Some of the packages of yoga retreats in Sri Lanka are Ocean Wellness Spa Break with Yoga 3 nights, 7 nights in Weight Loss Retreat with Ayurveda & Yoga, Beach Rejuvenation holiday 4 nights, Rejuvenating Yoga & Beach wellness 3 nights, etc.

Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, Ayurveda is practiced a lot. So, there are certain resorts and hotels which give you a mesmerizing experience. Some of the packages for Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka are Ayurveda De Stress Spa Package 3 nights, Post Cancer Recovery Retreat, Ultimate 7 nights Ayurveda Cleansing Package, Luxury Ayurvedic Spa Ritual 7 nights, etc. They get all the facilities to get the best Ayurvedic treatment in these packages and resorts.

 Ayurveda Sri Lanka Resorts

The vibrant culture, flavored and unmatched cuisine are offered by the resorts and hotels in Sri Lanka. The climatic conditions of Sri Lanka can be reached within a day. Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the scenic beauty like beaches, forts, etc. Some of the Ayurveda Sri Lanka resorts are Saman Villas, Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilion Negombo, the Fortress Resort & Spa, Casa Colombo Collection Mirissa, etc.

Wellness Retreats Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, you can always pamper yourself with different activities like yoga, spas, detox retreat, etc.  Some of the resort packages for a wellness retreat Sri Lanka are Beach wellness 3 nights, Journey into Nature and Traditional Ayurvedic Healing 7 nights, Immersion to Affordable Ayurvedic Retreat 4 nights, etc.

So, you can enjoy the Ayurvedic as well as yoga treatments for a peaceful holiday. Enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka in detox retreat with the help of Ayurva Traveller. You will get many packages at an affordable cost.

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